Thursday, January 13, 2011

Online Auction Scam

This blog is under construction over the next few weeks. I'll be putting all the parts of this and the Brian Solinsky blog together.
I'm a disabled US Army veteran that was simply trying to make a few small investments to help stabilize and improve my life; nothing major, no pie-in-the-sky million dollar stuff, just small nest egg type stuff.
Brian Solinsky / Aspen is going to learn a very hard lesson here. the approximate $1,300 that he conned me out of may very well cost that bastard everything he has.

US Asset Forfeiture & Seizure Asset Forfeiture & Seizure INC  is an online scam.
They present themselves as a legitimate government sanctioned auctiooneer, but they aren't.

I had multiple bids in one of their auctions, Brian "Aspen"  telephoned me and in order to obtain my bank card account number threatened me with the bogus claim that if I didn't pay, then "they" refering to the US Government would "come after me". Brian said that he only needed 1/3rd down, (appx $800.) and he'd work with me on the rest.....he then took the entire amount of nearly $2,400. out of my bank account.

He didn't send me the items until I complained in an email that I CC'd to the US Marshall's office.
I'm assembling the email threads below and you'll see how Brian Solinsky / Aspen tries to mealy-mouth and bullshit.

These are a few of the bogus claims that you will find on their website.

Official Website for Tangible
Asset Procurement

We are Bonded, Licensed by the State of  Nevada, Members of OAUA, NGC, LAA, GIA, NAA,
US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc.


You may also enjoy this blog about the person whom I believe is the real face behind the scam.

EMAIL THREADS (being assembled)